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Get intensity data from simulated 3D Lidar block Simulink

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I am working with the automated driving toolbox and have created an own scene in which I will be doing simulations. I saw that the simulation 3D lidar has an output of intensity, however nothing is done with this. I want to get it to the workspace however when I try to edit the block I get the following message:
Attempt to modify link 'OwnSimulation/Simulation 3D Lidar1'. You cannot modify this link because it is either locked or inside another locked link.
Does anubody know how I can get the insentiy value from the lidar?

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Tarunbir Gambhir
Tarunbir Gambhir il 30 Set 2020
The Simulation 3D Lidar block, as of now, does not output intensity data. The default output is the point cloud data which has the coordinates of the detected point in the sensor coordinate system. For more information, I suggest you go through the MathWorks documentation on this block here.




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