plotting Phase-Plane Portraits

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Tina il 28 Gen 2013
Commentato: Joydev D. Nath il 5 Gen 2023
Hi everyone!
How can I plot phase-plane portraits of a nonlinear system?
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Joydev D. Nath
Joydev D. Nath il 5 Gen 2023
For plotting of phase-plane potraits in MATLAB of second order non-linear systems you can visit to this link : I hope this might help you. Thank you!

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Shashank Prasanna
Shashank Prasanna il 28 Gen 2013
MATLAB offers several plotting routines. The "quiver" function may be ideal to plot phase-plane portraits. I found an interesting link that has some code and discussion on this topic. You can start here and build up:

Brian Hong
Brian Hong il 26 Gen 2022
Modificato: Brian Hong il 26 Gen 2022
There are also app solutions for this problem. For example pplane, which I used in undergrad (almost 10 years ago now). We also created a new app for analyzing the phase plane, you can find it here.

Dan Girma
Dan Girma il 21 Ott 2015
xdot = -y, ydot = -x sketch the vector field.


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