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Matlab Function : error

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I want to run this function so I can test with any number
function[Young,TotalPerimeter] = YoungJay(Width, Area) %line 1
Young=(Area/Width)-0.25; %line3
TotalPerimeter= 2*((Area/Width)-0.25)+Width+sqrt(2)*Width;
error message on command window
Not enough input arguments.
Error in YoungJay (line 3)


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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 Sep 2020
You cannot run that code just by pressing the green run button in the editor, and you cannot run that code just by invoking the function name. If you were to try to do either one of those, then MATLAB would not know what values to use for the input arguments Width and Area.
When you run a function, MATLAB never looks in your current workspace for variables with the same name as the input parameters. For example,
Width = 7
Y = YoungJay
then MATLAB will never see that function has an input named Width and so look in the calling environment to see if a Width exists there to use.
When you want a function to use a parameter, you need to pass in the parameter when you invoke the function. For example, either of
Width = 7
Area = 19
Y = YoungJay(Width, Area)
Y = YoungJay(7, 19)


YOUNGJUN Park on 27 Sep 2020
I kind of understand what you are saying but can you show me how exactly code need to be changed?
YOUNGJUN Park on 27 Sep 2020
I invoked the code , YoungJay(6,80) , yes it echoes some value but I don't understand what this value is; I expected two outputs 1. Young , 2. TotalPerimeter
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 Sep 2020
[Young, TotalPerimeter] = YoungJay(6,80)

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