Package function not allowed in fittype?

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Steve Van Hooser
Steve Van Hooser on 27 Sep 2020
Edited: Steve Van Hooser on 27 Sep 2020
I have a function called 'linepowerthreshold' that I use to fit a function. I recently made it into a package and put it in the directory:
While the following works great, when linepowerthreshold.m was just an m file not inside a package:
ft = fittype('linepowerthreshold(x,a,0,b,1);','options',s);
The following contruction fails in Matlab 2020a (MacOS, Mojave):
ft = fittype(',a,0,b,1);','options',s);
Error using fittype/testCustomModelEvaluation (line 12)
Expression,a,0,b,1); is not a valid MATLAB expression, has non-scalar coefficients, or cannot be evaluated:
Error in fittype expression ==>,a,0,b,1);
??? Dot indexing is not supported for variables of this type.
This is a workaround but it seems like passing a package-based function should work, too, yes?
ft = fittype(@(a,b,x),a,0,b,1),'options',s);
The function when called alone works fine, and is byte-by-byte the same as the version that is not in a package (except for the documentation).

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