How to save a c++ readable Mat file

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Andrew on 30 Jan 2013
I am running a DCT code in matlab and i would like to read the compressed file(.mat) into a c code. However, am not sure this is right. i have not yet finished my code but i would like to request for an explanation of how to create a c++ readable file from my mat file. Am kinda confused when it comes to .mat, .txt and then binary, float details of files. Someone please explain to me this.

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James Tursa
James Tursa on 30 Jan 2013
Edited: James Tursa on 30 Jan 2013
Are you trying to read the compressed mat file into C++ without the aid of the MATLAB API library? If so, this is not at all trivial. It would be better to write the files out using fwrite, which would be straightforward to read into C++. If you are using the MATLAB API library then there are several functions available you can use listed here:
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Andrew on 31 Jan 2013
yes sir, i am running both programs(c++ and matlab) on the same machine.

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