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Matlab code for PRESENT and HIGHT

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Maria Imdad
Maria Imdad il 13 Ott 2020
Risposto: Athul Prakash il 15 Ott 2020
I want matlab implementtaion of light weight cryptographic solution such as PRESENT or HIGHT or any other. This is for comparision purposes.

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Athul Prakash
Athul Prakash il 15 Ott 2020
You may explore MATLAB File Exchange for such implementations.
File Exchange is a platform for Matlab users to publicly share their code.
Do bear in mind that any code that is published on File Exchange is not developed or tested by The Mathworks.
Secondly, have a look at Walter Roberson's answer to this question.
You may also try searching various academic websites, since many algorithms tend to be published with their Matlab implementations included.
Hope it helps!


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