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Global variables in Matlab app

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Gekkouga il 18 Ott 2020
How to specify global variables in Matlab app?
I need to access both symbolic and numeric variables across funtions within a Matlab app. So, I thought of creating global variables. I created a startup function and declared my global variables in there. But for some reason they are not global and are not accessible outside of my startup function.
Thanks in advance for the suggestions.
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Gekkouga il 18 Ott 2020
It's not a usual function. It's a Matlab app and I want to transfer data between 1 call back function to other (1 button press function to other). I don't know other ways of transfering data except global variables. Besides, it's the same variable that is being used in both the call back functions.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 18 Ott 2020
Create a property to store the value.

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Pratheek Punchathody
Pratheek Punchathody il 21 Ott 2020
For transferring data between one callbacks function to another, you can use “properties” which can be accessible to all functions and callbacks in an app.
"Public Properties" are accessible both inside and outside the app, whereas private properties are only accessible inside of the app.
Refer to the documentation on Share Data Within App Designer Apps for further details on defining properties.




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