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How to use my own pretrained model to detect custom object after training

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Well, i trained an SSD detector following the example
then i saved the detector using save(detector) and it got saved under the name 'detector.mat'
but when i try to use it again after shuting my laptop,
detector = load('detector.mat')
matlab doesn't recognize and it tells me it's either undefined or parameter wrong type. however i can use the matlab pretrained network that i downloaded
Please how can i use my own pretrained network?

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Kei Otsuka
Kei Otsuka il 28 Ott 2020
save('detector') saves all variables from the current workspace. So, you need to extract detector from all variables after loading mat file like this;
vers = load('detector');
Or, please try to use following syntax to save only the detector instead.
save('detector.mat', 'detector')




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