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Is it possible to reduce the resolution (i.e. the number of decimals) of the knob?. I mean, when moving the knob it shoud stop (for example) in 4.2 or 4.3 but not in 4.23569871568....

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Rohit Pappu
Rohit Pappu il 27 Ott 2020
The resolution of the knob can be adjusted using a block parameter called Tick Interval . Additional documatation about it can be found here
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Rohit Pappu
Rohit Pappu il 27 Ott 2020
As of now, Simulink Knobs only take continuous values and their precision cannot be customized.
Vicente Casanova
Vicente Casanova il 28 Ott 2020
Thanks again.
I would try to do it with the Round functión.
Best regards

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