Matlab coder and tested mex file

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Maria il 20 Ott 2020
Commentato: Maria il 23 Nov 2020
I am trying using Matlab coder to generate a mex file. I get an error during "run mex file with test function".
The strange thing is that the error refers to a function and to a specific line to that function where, however, I have nothing. I tried to delete all files, the prj, running it again, moving lines in the function, but it just get stuck. I checked whether I have duplicates of the function, but nothing. Moreover, this line is in an else branch that is not even executed in the testing function. Specifically, I get the error
Error using integral_Ihp1_I11_subs_TOL_vectorized (line 184)
Sizes mismatch: [0][270] ~= [1][269].
I have no idea where the 270 comes from either. And, at line 184 of that function, I have nothing. Do you think that it can be a bug?! What else am I missing that I should check?
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Prasanth il 23 Nov 2020
It seems like you are generating code for variable-sized arrays. The following link has limitations while generating code for variable-sized arrays and possible workarounds.
Could you check if any of the scenarios matches your case?
Maria il 23 Nov 2020
Hi Prasanth,
I actually sent a help request directly to Mathworks and they helped me out. It was rather a problem of where I placed a specific part of the code in the loop I had. I could fix it, for now, but I will gladly look into the link that you sent me because now I have a problem with arrays that can skrink without problems but cannot dinamically expand.

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