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how to save jpeg after compression code ?

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After I do all steps of jpeg process (change color space, dwnsampling, blocks, dct, zigzag, rle huffman) I obtained a tables, but where is the compressed image jpeg or how I save this compressed image?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 Oct 2020
save it any way you like, such as using save() into a .mat file, or write the information into different sheet names of xlsx files, or use fwrite to write a carefully constructed binary file, or use base 64 encoding and write as text like would happen for web pages.
But if you want to write it out as an image that would be recognized by other programs then you need to research the JFIF binary file format and use that. In that situation it would typically be easier to locate a library of pre-written C or C++ code such as libjpeg and call that from MATLAB, as that will save you a lot of bother in getting the file format right.

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