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How to set up report margin correctly?

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John il 26 Ott 2020
Chiuso: MATLAB Answer Bot il 20 Ago 2021
The report page layout is coded this way:
import mlreportgen.dom.*
rpt = Document('myReport','pdf');
p = PDFPageLayout();
p.PageSize.Orientation = 'Portrait';
p.PageSize.Height = '11in';
p.PageSize.Width = '8.5in';
% margins
p.PageMargins.Top = '0.1in'; % <<==== the top margin
p.PageMargins.Bottom = '0.3in';
p.PageMargins.Left = '0.3in';
p.PageMargins.Right = '0.3in';
append(rpt, p);
However, even by setting the TOP margins to 0, the output page always has a TOP margin about 1 inch margins.
What did I do wring?
Thank you for help!

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Srivardhan Gadila
Srivardhan Gadila il 2 Nov 2020
As per the documentation of mlreportgen.dom.PageMargins class: "For PDF, the total height of the top margin equals the value of the Top property of this object plus the height of the Header property. The body text starts below the header. For Word documents, the top margin and header expand to prevent overlapping of the header and the body text. Similarly, the total height of the PDF bottom margin equals the value of the Bottom property of this object plus the height of the Footer property. The body text ends above the footer. For Word documents, the footer expands to prevent overlapping the body text."
You may also refer to Page Layout for more related information.




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