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I need to activite and upgrade my student Matlab version to use in two divices

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one on IOS and Windows

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Prabhanjan Mentla
Prabhanjan Mentla il 30 Ott 2020
You can upgrade your Student license by renewing your software maintenance and regarding the usage in two devices, It is not possible to use MATLAB with the same student license on two devices at the same time.
Refer this link for more information on using MATLAB in multiple devices.
Hope this helps.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 30 Ott 2020
Modificato: Walter Roberson il 30 Ott 2020
The information about how many devices may be activated for the Student licenses was removed from the FAQ. In the meantime, the Home licenses was improved to permit two devices activated, and historically in the Terms and Conditions, the limit for the Home license and Student license was the same section. It is therefore unclear to purchasers of Student licenses what they are getting: the documentation does not say, and it is plausible that the limit was raised to two along with the Home license.


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