export m-file with fmincon to C-Code for PowerPC

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Hello every one,
I´m new to MATLAB, Simulink and Optimization Toolbox, and I´ve got the task, to find out if it´s possible to export/generate an sFunktion to C-Code.
Well I know in general it is possible, what i don´t know, if it is possible to export/generate from an sFunction, which contains fmincon, from Optimization Toolbox, to C-Code to run on an embedded System with PowerPc?
I coudn´t find any Information about this.
Since it should run on an embedded system, the generated code needs to be small in size and memory usage.
Thank you for any help or pointing out documentaion i missed

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Seth DeLand
Seth DeLand il 22 Feb 2013
Hi Daniel,
Generating C-Code from MATLAB code that includes optimization solvers such as fmincon is currently not supported. Here's a list of MATLAB functions that are supported if you're interested: http://www.mathworks.com/help/coder/ug/functions-supported-for-code-generation--categorical-list.html
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Eddy Trinklein
Eddy Trinklein il 24 Mar 2015
Do you know if fmincon will become c compatible in the near future/ever?
Mary Fenelon
Mary Fenelon il 17 Set 2019
fmincon can generate C code as of R2019b. Learn more here.

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