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3D Computational Fluid Dynamics in mallab is why so tough?

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Objective : CFD Calculation in Matlab's PDE Toolbox
Goal : 3D flow pressure and velocity plot for the cycilnder pipe.
Flow : Laminar Flow.
Pro's of PDE Toolbox : Best suited for themal conduction and structural formation.
What I am looking for : Solving 3D Navier Strokes equation inside Matlab PDE Toolbox.
Geometry : Pipe (Figure is attached).
Mesh : Wall of Pipe alone, How to messure pressure and velocity inside the pipe?
I gave in the points fashion, to construct my problem statement in clearer manner, Can you please help me to find out pressure and velocity of air inside the pipe?
Thanks in advance.
Mesh and Thermal conduction modelled Result
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J. Alex Lee
J. Alex Lee il 30 Ott 2020
Laminar flow in straight sections of uniform circular pipe does not require 3D flow calculations. Is there a particular reason you want to do this by 3D NS calculations?
Kalaiarasan Meganathan
Kalaiarasan Meganathan il 30 Ott 2020
Yes, there is purpose for 3D flow calculations.
Going to introduce an object inside the pipe, looks for the velocity and pressure calculation on the surface of the object and object will be different shapes and so.
In the initial stage, I'm looking only on the hollow pipe alone.

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Precise Simulation
Precise Simulation il 16 Feb 2021
If you are not restricted to using the PDE toolbox you could possibly use either the CFDTool or FEATool Multiphysics GUI toolboxes which allow you to quite easily set up and perform 3D fluid dynamics simulations and solve them with for example the OpenFOAM and SU2 Code CFD solvers.

QuickerSim il 5 Ago 2021
You may also check out the QuickerSim CFD Toolbox for MATLAB. Plots in this soft are generated automatically, additionally, there are some tutorials (, for some cases you can calculate the average pressure in the pipe using inbuilt commands, it quickly gives you desired data.
The toolbox provides the user with efficient CFD solvers and auxiliary (e.g. mesh-manipulation, preprocessing, and postprocessing) functions inside of MATLAB.
You can check out the free code or ask for a trial full verion here.


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