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How do I creating a database of image files that is accessible from MATLAB?

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Nilushi Dissanayake
Nilushi Dissanayake on 31 Jan 2011
I need to create a database of some image files and I also need to read the database by using MATLAB code.
Siddharth Shankar
Siddharth Shankar on 1 Feb 2011
The correct subject line for this question should be: "How do I store and retrieve image data from a database <insert database name here>". Please post questions with more descriptive titles.

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Siddharth Shankar
Siddharth Shankar on 31 Jan 2011
You could store the image data into a database as a BLOB (Binary Large Object). I know you can do this in MySQL, you need to check if its possible in your specific database. You would need the Database Toolbox to insert / extract these BLOBs into your database.
Siddharth Shankar
Siddharth Shankar on 1 Feb 2011
That's great Walter, feel free to post it as another answer for this question.

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