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How to disable the TAB to get into an EditField box (R2020b)?

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By typing the TAB key, the app-designer can move the cursor into another EditField box, to input/edit the content.
Some Edit Field boxes are for showing the intermidiat result and are set to "Interruptible" OFF. We wish the TAB will NOT bring the cursor into that box.
How to set it for the TAB not to access / goes into the box?

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord il 19 Nov 2020
Try setting its Enable property to 'on' and its Editable property to 'off'. See the pictures in the description of the Editable property on this documentation page. I'm not 100% certain that this will prevent it from being included in the tab order, but I believe it likely.
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gwoo il 21 Giu 2023
This "works" but it also greys out the field and makes it inaccessble in any way, even direct selection. There isn't an option that disables tab navigation to the field but still keeps it's the normal visibility (not greyed out) and allows direct selection.
Even images are tab elements when I don't want them to be, and I can't disable the tab navigation to them without also making them appear greyed out.
Enabled Image with full color
Disabled Image with greyed-out color

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