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is it possible to make frames to video

i have a video.... and when i convert it to frames i get 1000 frames.... now is it possible to select frames from 500 to 700 and save it in avi format..... so that i can open the video later without running the code as the video we gave for input...... please do reply...


yes only read your matrix from b=a(500,700)\ now save your b variable
Is your video live/streaming, or has it already been captured and saved to a file (from which you wish to extract a subset of frames)?

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Answer by manoj saini on 26 Feb 2013
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ya.........using getsnapshot


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FRAME = getsnapshot(v) immediately returns one single image frame, FRAME, from the video input object, v.
sir i got a code from the following link
and i edited it as below but i'm getting error
for frame = 60 : 100
outputBaseFileName = sprintf('%d.jpg', frame);
outputFullFileName = fullfile('Frames', outputBaseFileName);
I = imread(outputFullFileName);
data(:,:,:,i) = getsnapshot(I);
my error is
??? Undefined function or method 'getsnapshot' for input arguments of type 'uint8'.
Error in ==> VideoMainTrial at 32
data(:,:,:,i) = getsnapshot(I);
please rectify it for me sir....
Your "I" is not a video input object.

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