Can you get solutions from nodes internally on a 3D model in PDE or just from the surface of the model?

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I am solving a 3d model using the transient heat transfer pde toolbox. The 3d model was imported as an stl file. I am trying to get the temperature profile in the centre of the model but I am not sure if this is possible. I think all the data I am getting are from nodes on the surface. Is it possible to locate nodes within the model itself?
For example this location should be in the centre of the model (0,0,-0.0295674) and this one should be on the surface (0,-0.00969541,-0.0295674), however when i find the closest node it returns the same node and hence the same temperature values. Could this be because my 'Hmax' in my mesh isnt small enough? Or is what I am trying to do possible?
Priysha LNU
Priysha LNU on 25 Nov 2020
The above 'meshgrid()' function will return a 3-D grid coordinates defined by input (0,0,0) here. Generally,
  • the meshgrid() function can return a 2-D or a 3-D grid depending on the number of inputs
  • the inputs to this function are vectors defining the x-coordinates, y-coordinates,and z-coordinates.
For more details, refer to the following documentation links:
Hope this helps!
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