appdesigner output as of R2020a

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Adrian Lee
Adrian Lee on 17 Nov 2020
Answered: Priysha LNU on 24 Nov 2020
as of R2020a, is matlab appdesigner able to have an output?
i am trying to have the output be imported to a text file
the output will be coordinates in an array

Accepted Answer

Priysha LNU
Priysha LNU on 24 Nov 2020
There are three approaches that you can utilize for using data from an app created using App Designer in a different function or script. All these methods are based on saving the data from the app to the MATLAB Workspace, which the other function or script can access.
1. Using "assignin" to assign the value of the desired variable in the workspace. You can refer to the following documentation link for an example:
2. Using "export2wsdlg" to export variables to workspace :
3. Finally, you can also save the desired variables in a MAT file using the "save" command and then load the variables in the other function or script using the "load" command:
You can use any of the above approaches inside of the "CloseRequestFcn" such that when the app is closed the variables will be saved as the "CloseRequestFcn" is executed. Here is an example of using the "CloseRequestFcn" for a figure :
Having saved the variables in the workspace, you may export in the text file using the 'save()' function:
save('myFile.txt', '<variable name>', '-ASCII','-append');
Hope this helps!
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