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Create organized pointcloud from normal pointcloud

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For a project I needed to edit the data that came from the Simulation 3D Lidar block in Simulink, however the pointcloud that comes from this block is an organized pointcloud and it is read only. So I created an nomal pointcloud with the XYZ location data from each measurement. However now I need to use the segmentGroundFromLidarData function to remove the ground plane. And this function is only able to work with an organized pointcloud.
So that is where my problem is, I need to find a way to either edit the data while it is still in the organized pointcloud or transform an unorganized pointcloud back into an organized pointcloud. Does anybody know how I can do this?

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Shubham Rawat
Shubham Rawat il 25 Nov 2020
Hi Bram,
You can create Point Cloud object by using xyzPoints coming from simulation 3d lidar. And then directly feed object into the segmentGroundFromLidarData.
You may refer to this link for creating Point Cloud Object:
Hope this Helps!
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Bram Surewaard
Bram Surewaard il 27 Nov 2020
Thanks for your reply.
That could work indeed, howerver I also need to edit the data.
I need to downsample the amount of points and add some displacement to the measurements, and I currently am able to do that by transforming it into an unorganized pointCloud.
So now I need to find a way to downsize the organized pointCloud and edit the data.
Do you know how I can do this?
Michail Chatzimichail
Michail Chatzimichail il 26 Gen 2021
Hello to all, and thank you for the information.
As a follow up, I created Mx3 pointclouds using xyz-Points, however in order to use functions like segmentGroundFromLidarData, an organized MxNx3 pointcloud is needed. The few questions answered here either do not explain how to convert from unorganized to organized, or move on to different topics (like a suggestion for pcfitplane).
Is it possible at all to convert the pt.Location from Mx3 to MxNx3?
Thank you in advance for your reply & patience.

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