How to export struct with many substruct into excel?

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I have a question with how to import struct with sub structs matfile into excel.
I tried struct2cell and others, however I am having some difficulties.
  1. WIth in the 'FA.parameter' struct there are
2. there are 4parameters 'TZ1','TZ2','TZ3','TZ4' struct
3. Within each TZ1,2,3,4 there are 15 values (f1...f15) I would like to import to the EXCEL
Would someone please help me to transform this into excel format?
Thank you.

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Prabhanjan Mentla
Prabhanjan Mentla il 26 Nov 2020
Modificato: Prabhanjan Mentla il 26 Nov 2020
The ideal way is to reach the internal structure and loop through the values and save them in a excel file.
This link1 and link2 helps you to achieve the above task and modify as per requirements.
Hope this helps.

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