How to do a hilber transform of a 2d image?

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Lucaci Diana
Lucaci Diana il 26 Nov 2020
Commentato: Lucaci Diana il 1 Dic 2020
I need to apply a hilbert transformation to an image that I have and I don't know how to, because I understood that hilber fucntion is working with a matrix.
Do I need the pixels of the image ?
%%3 image hilbert transform test
%%apply hilbert transform on the imafe 'image' to get 'hilb_image'
%%note: hilbert transform generates complex numbers outputs
%%add instructions here
hilb_image = ;
subplot(2, 3, 4);
%%use display image with scaled colors command (not imshow). put title
%%'hilbert' add instructions here

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Manas Meena
Manas Meena il 1 Dic 2020
x = hilbert(xr)
this returns the analytic signal, x, from a real data sequence, xr. If xr is a matrix, then hilbert finds the analytic signal corresponding to each column.
You can also refer to the links below
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Lucaci Diana
Lucaci Diana il 1 Dic 2020
Hi, thanks for the answer, i was looking at this, just felt that maybe i m doing something wrong with it

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