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How to get a handle of state chart ? and how to read the chart flow using script ?

3 visualizzazioni (ultimi 30 giorni) can I read the number of charts present in the model ? 2.Also how to read a logic inside the state chart ? ( if we consider there is only state flow with simple if else condition in it )
If i can get any information in any variables/arrays /cell using scripts that would be really helpful !!

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Jorge Calvo
Jorge Calvo il 2 Nov 2021
For the first question, try:
>> numel(find(sfroot,"-isa","Stateflow.Chart"))
Asusming that there is only one model loaded in memory, this should give you what you want. If there are other models, you can use find to get a handle on the Stateflow.Machine object that corresponds to the model you want to get information about. For more information about using the Stateflow programatic interface, see
PS. On older versions of MATLAB, try using single quotes instead of double quotes.


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