Using Pascal voc for the example datasets

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Kgaugelo Mphahlele
Kgaugelo Mphahlele il 4 Dic 2020
Commentato: Andrea Daou il 2 Mag 2022
How does one go about using the Pascal VOC dataset for the object detector examples. So instead using the vehicle dataset that is used in their example you use the Pascal VOC dataset.

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Lithin Chandran
Lithin Chandran il 17 Dic 2020
As per my understanding, instead of vehicle Dataset you want to use Pascal voc dataset to train the pretrained model mentioned in the example below:
For this, instead of downloading, unzipping and loading the vehicle dataset as done in the example you must download and load the Pascal voc dataset.
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Andrea Daou
Andrea Daou il 2 Mag 2022
Please, where can I find Pascal VOC dataset labeled with matlab format?
Thank you in advance.

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