Creating n number of tables using already present table in matlab

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I'm trying to create n number of tables based on a main table that I have. I want to create this micro tables on column conditions from main table.
First micro table will be between adjacent 0 speed(column) and odometer(first to last of micro table) condition of greater than 0km.
I want to generated yellow tables as shown in attachment.

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Nitin Kapgate
Nitin Kapgate on 14 Dec 2020
You can refer to the following code snippet to learn about extracting sub-tables based on conditions on the data in columns of main table:
% Create a table by reading all columns from the file, patients.dat.
T = readtable('patients.dat');
% View the data type, description, units, and other descriptive statistics
% for each variable by creating a table summary using the summary function.
summary(T) % A table with 100 rows
% Get a sub-table based on conditions on columns
T_New = T((T.Height > 67) & (T.Weight > 142.5), :);
summary(T_New) % A sub-table with 40 rows
Refer the link to learn more about tables.

Eric Sofen
Eric Sofen on 14 Dec 2020
I would advise that in many cases, you're better off adding a grouping variable based on the conditions you described and doing grouped calculations (using groupsummary, varfun, or findgroups/splitapply) rather than splitting your table into a bunch of separate workspace variables. Once you've got a bunch of subtables with different names in your workspace, they become hard to iterate over compared to one table with a grouping variable.

Ali Sarab
Ali Sarab on 30 Jun 2021
How to create n tables from one tables by categories in for loop
for ii=1:n
names of tables=???
how to assigned automatic naming based on the grouping variable
unstack command in matlab create one table grouped


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