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Taylor Maximum Error in the point 0.5

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Duncan Weakley
Duncan Weakley il 10 Dic 2020
Risposto: Uday Pradhan il 16 Dic 2020
Hi There
I need to determine the maximum error which can be made with the taylor polynomial of g(x) = sinh(x^2) in the point x = 0.5
This is where c = 0;
For the third degree taylor polynomial.
I do not understand how to do this in matlab
could you please help me

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Uday Pradhan
Uday Pradhan il 16 Dic 2020
You can use the Symbolic Math toolbox to solve your issue as follows:
syms x;
f = sinh(x^2);
T = taylor(f); %finds the Taylor expansion around 0 till the fifth degree by default, to change order
% you can use 'Order' argument of taylor function
x = 0.5;
val = double(subs(T)); %find value of the Taylor polynomial at 0.5
val1 = sinh(x^2); %real value from the function
error = abs(val - val1); %find error
References: taylor, subs

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