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I have an app, which i am devloping using appdesigner, I am trying to get x,y locations from a current image with ginput, however ginput is slow and dosent work seamlessly as it runs in the script

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My main call is app, in the current window i defined a panel.
Here i call geoaxes as shown below:
geoplot(gx,lat1,long1,'-r')%this draws a direct line
app.Panel_3.HandleVisibility = 'callback'
app.Panel_3.HandleVisibility = 'off'
geoplot(gx,x,y,'-r')#draws an additional line as per user input
When the app opens, i can see that the cursor comes up but dosent go away after 2 clicks as expected. Is there something wrong with the way i am calling ginput?
Also, i am using MATLAB 2020b

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Sahithi Kanumarlapudi
Sahithi Kanumarlapudi il 28 Gen 2021
There is nothing wrong with the way you are using 'ginput'. The only mistake in the snippet you have provided is that there is a missing ']' in the below line which might have been a tying error
[x,y=ginput(2) %error
[x,y]=ginput(2) %right syntax


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