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Produce a matrix with 2 vectors

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j dr
j dr il 4 Apr 2013
Hi, I can't wrap my head around finding the simplest solution for this problem.
I have two vectors
A=[1 2 3] and B=[1;1;2] I want to produce the matrix
C=[1 2 3;1 2 3;2 4 6]
I am certain there is an easy command could I be reminded please !
P.S. there are bonus points if the commands works to produce an N=A*B dimension matrix with 2 matrices of A and B dimensions

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j dr
j dr il 4 Apr 2013
Just figured out B*A works... Sorry for wasting everyone's time !

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j dr
j dr il 4 Apr 2013
But that does not work with matrices...


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