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Program Beagleboard-xM DSP with Simulink

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Lenni il 5 Apr 2013
Hi there everybody,
I was very excited to see that there is a Matlab/Simulink Supportpackage for the Beagleboard-xM, which made it very easy to set up. Certainly, I can't find no documentation to figure out where the code, generated by Simulink, will be executed. I would like to program some filters for the DSP of the Beagleboard Processor but just can't find a way to do so. Do you guys know any documentations, tutorial or what so ever that could help me with that task?
Is it possible to do that with Matlab Embedded Coder? Or doesn't the Embedded Coder support ARM Cross Compiling?
Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it!

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Ryan G
Ryan G il 5 Apr 2013
Beagleboard support will not supply you with generated code that you can read. It is designed so that the code is compiled for the processor and therefore you don't need a coder product to use it. If you have a Beagleboard and Simulink you can start designing functions with the support package with just that.

Lennart il 6 Apr 2013
Hey Ryan,
I'm a little surprised about your answer, since I actually found a c-file in the project folder, which looks a lot like the appropriate c-Code for my Simulink Model. Anyways, can you tell me whether there is any documentation that tells me how to look up the registers and memory of the processor and how to figure out where the program is running (ARM or DSP?)
My problem is that I'd like to read an Audiostream, process it and give it back out again. If I just read the Audiostream with the ALSA driver and give that to the ALSA output it already ads a lot of noise. If I ad a filter the signal gets messed up entirely (sounds like very hard, digital overdrive). What would be the typical way to debug this?
Thanks for your help again ;)
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Ryan G
Ryan G il 8 Apr 2013
Whether or not there is C-code would partially depend on how you are connecting. Using the run on target hardware feature there is definitely code, but it is usually not very user friendly. Are you using Embedded Coder?
Are you using blocks from this library?'
Can you send the audio stream to the UDP port and read the data in MATLAB/Simulink to observe the signal?

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