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'perform' function in Deeplearning toolbox

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Abdulaziz Almershed
Abdulaziz Almershed il 4 Gen 2021
what is the difference between 'perform' and 'tr' in '[net,tr]=train(net,y,t);'

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Uday Pradhan
Uday Pradhan il 6 Gen 2021
Hi Abdulaziz,
The "perform" function returns the performance of the trained network calculated according to the net.performFcn and net.performParam property values.
The output argument "tr" is a structure which contains information in fields such as:
  • Training, data division, and performance functions and parameters
  • Data division indices for training, validation and test sets
  • Data division masks for training validation and test sets
  • Number of epochs (num_epochs) and the best epoch (best_epoch).
Please refer to their respective documentation for more information : train shallow neural networks, perform. I hope this helps!
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Abdulaziz Almershed
Abdulaziz Almershed il 17 Feb 2021
yeah but it also has performance as well. but is different than the performance i get from using the function perform

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