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How can I control decimal in plot with four axes?

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Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali il 4 Gen 2021
Risposto: Timo Dietz il 4 Gen 2021
I need to plot data with different scales but I am not able to control the decimal in the right and top axes. I tried many ways without succeeding. When I applied that for right axis, the values of right axis become similar to the left values which is not correct. Also the legend is not shown.
clear all
f=figure (1)
ax1 = gca;
axis([0 3000 0 6000])
grid on
xt = get(ax1,'XTick')
yt = get(ax1,'YTick')
ax2 = copyobj(ax1,f);
xxt= xt/60
yyt = 3.28084*yt
legend('No. 1')
xlabel(ax1,'time (s)')
ylabel(ax1,'distance (m)')
xlabel(ax2,'time (min)')
ylabel(ax2,'distance (ft)')

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Timo Dietz
Timo Dietz il 4 Gen 2021
I don't think that it's possible what you want to achieve.
A second y axis can be activated with yyaxis or plotyy (same x scaling). What you are currently doing is
plotting two graphs on top of each other and the legend is covered by the top layer.
This is why you do not see it.


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