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MATLAB shortcut not running after installation

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I installed MATLAB R2020b in the D-drive if my computer. Initially, the installation was in C-drive, but after seeing on the mathworks answers, I installed it in my D-drive (since I did not have enough space in C). After installatuon, I tried to run the shortcut that was created on the desktop. But it showed a problem with the shortcut and displayed- 'The item MATLAB.exe that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly'. I searched on the net about this problem, but the solutions shown were not specifically for MATLAB and did not work.
Help for this will be greatly appreciated :)

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Uday Pradhan
Uday Pradhan il 6 Gen 2021
You can start MATLAB from the command prompt itself. Please check this page : link for more information.
Also, typically the MATLAB executable is stored in "bin" folder under the path where you have installed MATLAB, e.g. in my machine the exe file is found in "D:\R2020b\bin". Hope this helps!
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Amod Shiledar
Amod Shiledar il 9 Gen 2021
I tried this, but there is no .exe file in the installed folder.
I also serached the whole folder for the .exe file, but it is found nowhere.
Then I found it in the C-drive, where it was not working.
Amod Shiledar
Amod Shiledar il 9 Gen 2021
Anyways, I have reinstalled a smaller version, and added the required products. So it works now :)

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