How to flip/ mirror plot on the diagonal in terms of y(x) = y^(-1)(x) (finverse) on restricted domain.

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Given the function:
x(y) = (exp(-y)*((1 - 4*y*exp(y))^(1/2) + 1))/2
usually I should be able to plot the inverse function by:
unfortunaly an inverse cannot be found, because it get's imaginary.
However, can I still mirror the existing plot?
An inverse on (-inf, 0] should be possible.
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jessupj il 5 Gen 2021
Modificato: jessupj il 5 Gen 2021
if you know y=f(x), shouldn't you just plot ( f(y),y ) or something like that? e.g. plot( fliplr( [ x(:) f(x(:)) ] ))

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