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Unable to Select Datastore (Deep Network Designer)

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I am trying to create a deep network for semantic segmentation using the Deep Network Designer App.
To create the training data i used the Image Labeler App and created a pixelLabelImageDatastore which I now want to import into the Deep Network Designer.
According to the instructions in Deep Network Designer and Import Data into Deep Network Designer manuals, I should:
"Select Import Data > Import Datastore" by using the little arrow beneath Import Data button:
and the following dialog will open:
I DO NOT have the little arrow beneath Import Data which should allow me to select Import Datastore:
and the only dialog I am able to open using it is the 'Import Image Data' one, using which I am not able import a pixelLabelImageDatastore:
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daniel miz
daniel miz il 8 Gen 2021
I have the same problem, i think the reason is that this option does not exist on matlab R2020a version

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Uday Pradhan
Uday Pradhan il 12 Gen 2021
The most probable reason is that the support for importing built-in or custom datastores into Deep network designer was introduced in MATLAB R2020b release. Most likely you are using an earlier release due to which you notice the missing feature. If you are using R2020a, you can have a look at R2020a documentation for examples on how to perform Semantic Segmentation programatically. Else choose your release from the archived documentation page.




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