hypercube or hyperpca not found. Not even in R2020b .why ?

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I was trying to using commands related hyperspectral imaging in my matlab version R2016b , but error was generated that functions not found . I installed Matlab R2020b but this version also gives an error that " undefined function "
what should I do ?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 20 Gen 2021
https://www.researchgate.net/publication/281086663_Hyperspectral_Signal_Processing_to_Identify_Land_Cover_Pattern from 2014 contains a comment that hints that someone used to have a HYPERPCA function that got renamed or adapted.
I see remains of a couple of another publication that hints that someone had a function named hyperpca() around 2014 (probably not the same as the one previously mentioned), but the remains that I find for that are a corrupted science paper that has been incorporated into a site to deliberately provide false hits for advertising purposes, and the code itself is not present.
If you had a hyperpca in R2016b time frame, it was from a non-Mathworks source.

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Subhadeep Koley
Subhadeep Koley il 22 Gen 2021
hypercube, hyperpca and other hyperspectral related functions come under Image Processing Toolbox's Hyperspectral Imaging Library support package, and can be downloaded from here.
In order to use the function you need to install the both the Image Processing Toolbox and Hyperspectral Imaging Library support package.
Also, MATLAB R2020b or higher is required in order to use the Hyperspectral Imaging Library support package.
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嘉讯 il 13 Ott 2022
THanks!I use 2021b,and had a success after I installed the Hyperspectral Imaging Library

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord il 20 Gen 2021
Both those functions are part of Image Processing Toolbox. Check the output of the ver function to determine if you have this toolbox installed. If you do have it installed, use license to determine if a license for this toolbox is available. [Your company or educational institution may have licenses but they may all be in use when you're trying to use it.]
The notes at the end of their documentation pages indicate they were each introduced in release R2020a, so even if you had Image Processing Toolbox installed and have an available license in your older release those functions would not be available.

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