Converting a rigid3d array into a table type

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Nivesh Gadipudi
Nivesh Gadipudi on 21 Jan 2021
Lets's Consider a rigid3d array of 1xn array containing T, Rotational, Translational elements. I want to convert this into a table format with Location and orientation columns as shown in the figure. The output should something look like a dictionary in python with varying array dimensions for each key. However in matlab its only permitting with same number of columns array.

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Nitin Kapgate
Nitin Kapgate on 9 Feb 2021
If you execute the following code, the error "All table variables must have the same number of rows." is thrown in MATLAB.
viewIds = [1:10]';
a = zeros(5,3);
b = zeros(6,10);
t1 = table(viewIds, repmat(a,10,1), repmat(a,10,1));
This is because the MATLAB expects all table variables to have the same number of rows.
To overcome this problem, you can wrap the data in a cell and then add it to the table, as demonstrated in the following code:
viewIds = [1:10]';
c = {zeros(5,3)};
d = {zeros(6,10)};
t2 = table(viewIds, repmat(c,10,1), repmat(d,10,1));
The table t2 is created succesfully now.

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