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How would I write a command to take record individual integrals of time of 0.01 from 0 > t > 5

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I am trying to figure out how to take the points of time for each hundreds of a second from 0 to 5. I'm doing this to try and smooth out a curve and am very new at MATLAB (literally only the 1st time I've actually tried to write a script), and going through the help menu for an assignment. I understand how to plot it, just working on getting the data points first.
clear all
beta = 48.03;
lambda = 2.729;
tau = -0.37;
L_phi = -2.729;
L_sigma_a = -43.692;
sigma_a = -3;
t = 0:5;
phi_dot = beta*(1-exp(lambda*t));
phi_ddot = 2.279*phi_dot- 43.692*sigma_a;
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David Scidmore
David Scidmore il 28 Gen 2021
Thank you very much. That's what I needed. Now on to the next part that I'm also stuck on.

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