Intgeration by parts function

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Mark Sc
Mark Sc on 31 Jan 2021
Hi all,
I am new to the function of intgeration by parts, I would like to display and answer the following equation:
∫▒〖w (∂^2 u)/∂x+(∂^2 u)/∂y+(∂^2 u)/∂z dx〗
can anyone help me how to write this and use the function of intgeration by parts
Mark Sc
Mark Sc on 2 Feb 2021
thanks for your explanation

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Answers (1)

Teddy Negrete Peña
Teddy Negrete Peña on 2 Feb 2021
Best regards Mark Sc,
Indeed you can use Matlab to check what you do analytically by hand, but before using Matlab functions, you must interpret that the "int" function can analytically solve an integral, but it must pose it one by one and use symbolic variables.
When you apply Integration by parts you must solve 2 integrals, the integral of dv and the integral vdu, then those integrals must be raised in the code.

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