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find the global optimum

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Ondrej Labik
Ondrej Labik il 2 Feb 2021
Commentato: Ondrej Labik il 10 Feb 2021
I am new to matlab and I have to find the global optimum of this function with those constrains. Could you please help me out?
Thank you

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Shubham Rawat
Shubham Rawat il 8 Feb 2021
You may use this code for your reference:
%initializing variables
x = optimvar('x');
y = optimvar('y');
prob = optimproblem;
%writing objective
prob.Objective = 2*x + y;
%writing Constraints
prob.Constraints.cons1 = 1.25-x^2-y<=0;
prob.Constraints.cons2 = x+y<=1.6;
prob.Constraints.cons3 = x <=1.6;
prob.Constraints.cons4 = x >=0;
prob.Constraints.cons5 = y >=0;
prob.Constraints.cons6 = y <=1;
%initial Point
x0.x = 1;
x0.y = 0;
%solver with fmincon as optimization technique
options = optimoptions('fmincon');
sol = solve(prob, x0,'options',options);
%displaying result
fval = evaluate(prob.Objective,sol)
You may also use this documentation :
Hope this Helps!
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Ondrej Labik
Ondrej Labik il 10 Feb 2021
Thank you so much!
I actually found a way how to use fmincon function to solve it, where I did loops with different values for y and compare the fvalues. But this looks way more sophisticated.

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