How to calculate covriance between 2 coordinates set

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If I have a set x which is a 10x2 matrix with each row as a coordinate (ie. there are 10 coordinates). And similarly I have another coordinate set y (10x2). How can I find the covariance between the two coordinate set? ie. One row should be considered as a single quantity. And I need to get a 10x10 covariance matrix which gives the covariance between each 10 coordinates.
Thanks in Advance.
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Nisha Varghese
Nisha Varghese il 3 Feb 2021
Yes. It is a big matrix when the number of elements are high right?
I would like to get a similarity metric between 2 sets of coordinates.
ie., the deviation of tracked coordinates from the ground truth coordinates in Tracking of objects in image processing.

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