why my pc becomes slow after installing matlab?

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i install matlab into E drive. But I also have it installed in my C drive autometically. Why? If I uninstall it from C drive it also become uninstalled from E drive. Why? My pc becomes slow after installing this software. Why?

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross il 3 Mag 2013
Modificato: Jason Ross il 3 Mag 2013
It sounds like E is also mapped to a path on C, likely via the SUBST command (a Windows command)
As for slowing down your PC, I can't think of a reason why that's related to MATLAB itself. It gets installed like any other program and should only be taking resources when it is started in the default installation. Or perhaps you are running low on disk space and the installation has brought you very close to having a full hard drive. But this is all speculation. I'd suggest you talk with people familiar with your system setup and troubleshoot it.
If it's slow while running MATLAB, it's possible that you need more RAM or you are running too many other programs. Look at the Task Manager to determine if you are using a lot of CPU or memory and your system has started using virtual memory, which is much slower than RAM.
In addition, MathWorks provides free installation help.
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Jason Ross
Jason Ross il 3 Mag 2013
If your computer becomes inoperable for some reason (OS corruption, hard drive failure, motherboard failure, flood, fire, power surge, tornado, cup of coffee spills on it, etc), you will lose anything you haven't backed up.
There are many backup services and methods out there. For my home PC, I use an online backup service (examples: CrashPlan, Mozy, Carbonite -- there are many more out there) because I find the cost reasonable and it works automatically twice a day, every day, and doesn't rely upon me to remember to do it or find time in the day -- it just happens.
At work we have other means of backing up data as well as staff devoted to making sure the backups happen.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 3 Mag 2013
If you installed R2013a on MS Windows then you might now be running a service once that reads a number of the .m files into memory (and then releases the memory) so that the files are active in the operating system's disk cache. If you are very low on RAM that could be a problem -- especially if you have a swap file configured and your available RAM is being exceeded.
I do not know what the name of the service is (I haven't booted MS Windows for 5+ months.)


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