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Display generated mesh/ call out adjacent nodes in 3D domain

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I have generated a 3D domain and meshed it using generateMesh() command. Is there a way to display the generated mesh? I need the indices of the nodes immediately below the the top surface of the domain. Is there a command to call these nodes directly rather than displaying the mesh and identifying each such nodes individually?

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Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar il 15 Feb 2021
Check findNodes function. You should be able to specify region as box in which you need node IDs.
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Shreya George
Shreya George il 16 Feb 2021
This is the command that I tried
nodes=findNodes(mesh,'box',[-5 5],[-2 2],[-0.5 0]);
But I keep getting this error message. My domain is defined with x = -5 to 5, y = -2 to 2, z = -5 to 0 .
Error using pde.FEMesh/findNodes
X and Y must define a 2-dimensional bounding box.
Also, using the box command requires specifying an arbitrary depth/ z lim. To see the nodes that are immediately below the top surface nodes, is there a way to display the nearest nodes in 3D as shown in examples in 2D?

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