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Problem with creating simscape models

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Thomas De Bauw
Thomas De Bauw il 15 Feb 2021
Commentato: cr il 30 Mag 2023
Hello everybody
I am a student from antwerp and trying to recreate the cooling system of a ship with simscape. I am writing this post because I am experiencing a lot of problem with rebuilding the circuit. I don't really know what causes the errors so was hoping someone could help me.
There are two errors that I often encounter. The first is: 'Transient initialization at time 6, solving for consistent states and modes, failed to converge. ' The second is: 'At time 0.000000, one or more assertions are triggered. See causes for specific information.' Since I haven't worked with Simscape very much yet, I don't really know what the problem is with these errors.
Can someone tell me where to start looking for the solution to this problem, is it in the solver? Or to the settings of the components themselves.
Thank you very much in advance

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Pratheek Punchathody
Pratheek Punchathody il 18 Feb 2021
As per my understanding,
Refering to the first error:
Error messages stating that transient initialization failed to converge, or that a set of consistent initial conditions could not be generated, indicate transient initialization issues. They can be a result of parameter discontinuity. Review your model to find the possible sources of discontinuity.
You can also try to decrease the "Consistency Tolerance" parameter value (that is, tighten the tolerance) in the Solver Configuration block.
Troubleshooting Simulation Errors documentation will help you for more information.
Refering to the second error:
You may look into the causes for specific information and troubleshoot on what type of assertions have been occured. This will help you in resolving the error caused by the specific assertion during simulation.
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cr il 30 Mag 2023
I have a similar error.
one or more assertions are triggered. See causes for specific information.
In power, the exponent must be positive when the base is equal to zero
No idea why.

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