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Compiled Function trying to access non-existent @tabular\hasvars.m method (matlab 2020a)

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We are having an issue with a strange console output when we run compiled matlab functions after upgrading to 2020a.
The warning/error reads:
Failed to open file 'D:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2020a\mcr\toolbox\matlab\datatypes\tabular\@tabular\hasvars.m'. Details: 'File stream is closed. The following flags are set: failbit.'
Checking the @tabular class definition confirms there is no "hasvars.m" method. However checking the 2019b release code shows this method is absent there too.
Even more strangely this warning/error is only raised when the functions are compiled, and the functions run correctly whether the code is compiled or uncompiled (at least as far as we are able to tell).
Is this message an issue we should be worried about, or can we safely ignore it (as it doesn't seem to impact the code's operation)?

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Eric Sofen
Eric Sofen il 25 Feb 2021
I looked into that warning, and you can safely ignore it. It is also not present in R2020b.

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