How to connect the computer with the server

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I would like to ask about connecting my computer with a server. If I have a computer connected to a setup to do some measurements and I want to get the data of this measurement and save it in the computer and then save it in the server how could I do that.
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Jason Ross
Jason Ross il 6 Mag 2013
There are many ways to do this, and the "best" answer depends on how much data you need to move and how important the data is.
  • Copy the file from the local machine to a shared directory on the server.
  • Open a database connection to a database on the server and push the data into the database.
  • Use a protocol like rsync to move the data from the machine to the server on a periodic basis.
  • Skip the local copy altogether and just save to the directory on the server.
  • Use the "move" command provided by your OS to move the data.
  • "Move" the data by copying, then verifying the files (md5 sums), then deleting the data.
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Jason Ross
Jason Ross il 7 Mag 2013
You really need to be a lot more specific. For example,
I am using software package XX to talk to MATLAB using YY. I am saving my data in a variable of type ZZ. I want to take the variables ZZ and output it to a file on my server so that it can be read by XYZ, which uses the file format ABC.
Once you can fill in XX, YY, ZZ, XYZ and ABC, you probably want to start a new series of questions.

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