Cholesky factorization on symbolic matrix

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Hi all,
I want to use Cholesky factorization on some symbolic matrices but I am still working with R2007b, quite an old version.
I met error message when I did it.
Is there any other way out to do this in R2007b?
I do have an authorized R2011a but the toolboxes are not included. (I have no idea why my school did not purchase the full version.)
So guess I cannot, for this time being, work with R2011a unless I know how to transfer all the toolboxes from my current version to the latest one.
Could anyone tell me how to do this? (Just copy all the files?)
Thanks in advance.

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Kai Gehrs
Kai Gehrs on 17 May 2011
If you want to do the computation inside of MuPAD, you can use
n:= 4:
A:= matrix([[c.i.j $ i = 1..n] $ j = 1..n]):
The option 'NoCheck' means that it is not checked whether A is symmetric and positive definite.
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Chien-Chia Huang
Chien-Chia Huang on 17 May 2011
Thanks, Kai. But MuPad is contained in new Matlab version. I did not found it in my "antique" R2007b.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 May 2011
Toolboxes cannot be transferred between versions.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 May 2011
I would suggest
maple('Chol := C->LinearAlgebra[LUDecomposition](Matrix(C,form=symmetric),method=Cholesky)':);
syms a b c d e f
C = [1 a b c;a 1 d e;b d 1 f;c e f 1];
maple('Chol', C);

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