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How can i control another program remotely via .Net API using Matlab?

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i have a complex algorithm in Matlab which generates several vectors.
To visualise the results of this algorithm, i want to use a simulation program. This program has an .NET API. The plan is to control this simulation program remotely using Matlab. How can i realize this?
The problem isn't the control of the simualtion program. In C# the control is no problem. But how can i control the software out of Matlab?
Could MATLAB Builder™ NE help me somehow?
Would it perhaps be easier if i would program a C#-Programm, which controls Matlab and die simulation program remotely?

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross il 7 Mag 2013
Modificato: Jason Ross il 7 Mag 2013
Can you just add the assembly and go from there?

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