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How to view or change the driving cycle used in this model

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Can anyone help me find the table the import block is referring to to feed the reference velocities to the model. And also what would be the steps if i want to create such a input for a new model?
When I go to the "block parameters" for the inport block , then "Connect Input". Here I fond no signal pre selected variable.

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Urmila Rajpurohith
Urmila Rajpurohith il 23 Feb 2021
You can switch the different driving cycles.
If you want to create the driving cycles, "Drive Cycle Source" will help you.
and also we also have the "Drive Cycle Data" that you can use.
If you want to change the drive cycles in this model, find "DrCycles" in the model it is the imported data of the drive cycle, and you can change the data from them.
Hope this helps!
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MS Rozaq
MS Rozaq il 13 Mag 2024 alle 8:09
Modificato: MS Rozaq il 13 Mag 2024 alle 8:11
I found it in Model Explore. But how to change the data ?

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