Different Values of Bounding Boxes for different classes.

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I am working on matlab example of object detection using YOLO v3.
I am using multiple classes (vehicles: cars,bus,trucks,sedan etc).
There was written that :(Bounding boxes can not containing zeros/NaNs/Infs/empty), also the values of the bounding boxes should be finite, positive, non-fractional, non-NaN and should be within the image boundary with a positive height and width. So, say i am working with 5 classes. In an image, if there are two classes present, then it will give error for the bounding boxes of 3 other classes.
Can bounding boxes be just [0] for a class not present in an image. or is it an error ?
Can some one explain this?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 20 Feb 2021
I don't think so. If the bounding box was [0], it would not even have produced that bounding box in the first place.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 22 Feb 2021
I don't know exactly how you're generating the table and how you're passing the table to the training software, but evidently you can only pass in a bounding box that is not empty, so make sure that is the case.

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